Hey there! I’m Aga, based in South Wales but lucky enough to be photographing weddings all over the planet.

If someone told me 10 yrs ago that I was going to move countries, set up my own photography business and travel the world meeting the most incredible people and celebrating their love through my camera I would laugh out loud and call them a loon.


My way of seeing (and of shooting) was moulded by my degree in architecture – how I understand visual information, design and light is deeply rooted in that experience. Switching professions was a challenge (to this day my Dad doesn’t really accept I don’t design buildings anymore!) but also incredibly exciting. What I loved the most about becoming a wedding photographer was making use of the social side of my personality – it isn’t only the camera (and editing!) skills that are required, but the people skills are essential; having an open minded personality, empathy, humour. 

When working with my couples I can truly be me; I fit in amongst happy people. I feel their excitement, I celebrate with them, become part of their experience. Whether it’s through laughter, advice or support I always get to build a connection and witness my clients open up and show their most natural selves. I am not purely an observer or a bystander – I am also a participant. This gets at the core of what I do.

8 yrs and 300 weddings later I wouldn’t have my life any other way. Here is where you come in. Your unique character, your heritage, the line of events that led you to your life’s great love, the flutter in your stomach when committing your future to them, the way your mum smiles at you and that crazy group of friends that make you belly laugh every time – this is where the best wedding photographs are hidden. Seizing the opportunity, nailing the timing, knowing all the technical shizz, *constantly* thinking on the spot and making the most out of the visual opportunities around me – that is what you get from me on a wedding day.

So if you laugh (a lot), see your glass half full, adore your loved ones and love to party you sound like my type of human! Let’s talk about everyone and everything important to you and create the kind of imagery that is not only a visual feast, but contains the moments and emotions that  will be most meaningful to you, fifty years after the veil has come off, and the bar was drunk dry.

Aga Tomaszek

Creative Wedding Photographer

I live in a small seaside town in South Wales with Andrew and Maja, my two most favourite people on the planet. We are dreaming of a small but beautifully designed house (in the making!) where we love to return after our photographic adventures. Feel free to pop in for a cuppa if you’re nearby, and in the meantime connect with me on social media (icons below!) where you can find me regularly.

Client Testimonials

Aga was a dream to deal with from start to finish, really making an effort to understand what was important to us on our big day. Her passion for her art shone through not only on the day but also in the results, our photos are perfection!
Jo & Dai
We are absolutely BLOWN AWAY by our incredible wedding pictures,,I literally melt down every time I see them! Aga literally went above and beyond for us and worked SO HARD all day. As a wedding photographer myself I couldn't have chosen a better match - we both admire her work so much and are truly blessed that she came all the way to Germany to photograph our wedding! GRATEFUL forever and always!  
Christina & Stefan

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Here are some of my very fave images, take a look and if you feel connected to them in some way then you and I may as well be destined for each other! ;) I would love to show you more so make sure to check my full portfolio section on 20collective or get in touch to receive links to some full client galleries – I love these the most! As much as I appreciate a one off epic shot here and there, I believe it’s the full collections that truly make a good wedding photographer. I work incredibly hard to make sure every single image my clients receive has its purpose within the set, with solid attention to detail and a perfect polish in the digital darkroom.

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