I’m Adam Johnson and to me wedding photography is not my job. To me wedding photography is just what I do. I found wedding photography a little by accident – I never intended or expected to become a photographer but then photography found me and hooked me and weddings soon followed. I love weddings, I love not knowing what’s going to happen, not knowing how people are going to behave, not knowing where it will take me next. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph weddings all over Cheshire and the UK, as well as in France, Italy, Kenya, Hong Kong, Lapland and Thailand over the last few years and I’ve never loved photographing weddings more than I do right now.

I care deeply about creating something different for my couples, about pushing myself artistically but still respecting that weddings are about people – people who love each other and are living one of the most brilliant days of their lives. My images should capture that story, those feelings, all the emotions of this day in a way that each photo becomes a kind of emotive message in a bottle, something that stirs the heart and rekindles amazing memories.

My approach to wedding photography is simple – instinct. I don’t plan the photos I will take, I let them happen. My couples trust me to know what to do and when to do it. Of course I make sure I understand what’s important to each couple, and how their day will run, and who’s important but beyond that I just take photos instinctively. This is how I ensure that each couple gets a unique collection of wedding photographs, which is very important to me.

Adam Johnson

Creative Wedding Photographer

Creative Wedding Photographer

You can follow me on Google+, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can talk to me on Skype, by email, or on the phone. I regularly post preview images from weddings on my G+ and Facebook pages, photos from my day to day life on Instagram and general chit-chat on twitter. Most of all I would love to talk to you about your wedding!

Client Testimonials

  • James and I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for capturing our wedding day in such stunning, original and artistic photography! They document everything that we felt was so special about our wedding. It is just so amazing to have all these precious memories to keep and share forever!
    Cheshire Wedding Photographer
    Sally + James
  • We had such a great time on our wedding day which was made only better by your direction and commitment to ensuring we had the photos to remember it by. There really are some wonderful shots and we’ve already ensured that family members have received a few copies to add to their mantelpieces.
    Cheshire Wedding Photographer
    Helen + Adrian
  • Adam, I have absolutely no words to describe those photos! We really can't thank you enough they are absolutely amazing! I was fighting the tears looking at them. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
    Lake District Wedding Photographer
    Helen + Matthew
  • Adam immersed himself in our wedding. He produced beautiful photos that we're exactly what we wanted. I'm a TV director so I was quite demanding. People at the wedding thought we'd been friends for years. That sums him up. Amazing.
    Bordeaux Wedding Photographer France – ARJ Photography
    Louise + Rahul
  • He blends right in .... uses light brilliantly ... we love his photos .... indian weddings are tough and he has the best eye ....such a joy ... few people in life give 150 percent all the time – he does.
    Kenya Destination Wedding Photographer
    Sonal + Parit

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Adam Johnson is a Cheshire based destination wedding photographer available for wedding photography all over the UK, across Europe and worldwide. He has won awards from internationally respected groups Fearless Photographers and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP). To Adam, the most important thing about being a creative wedding photographer is always pushing himself to create something different, something unique, and something fresh.


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