Hi! I’m Rahul Khona, a London-based Asian wedding photographer specialising in photojournalism and documentary style photography.

Being a wedding photographer is about more than just the pictures. For me, it means getting to be a part of incredible life stories, and having the chance to capture all those special moments on film in a way that no-one else can. From the bride’s gown to the proud parents, the loving glances and first dances – everything is captured and frozen in time in beautiful images that reflect the honesty and happiness of the day.

That’s the wonderful thing about photojournalism; all those little “caught-off camera” moments are caught on camera.

Photographing a wedding obviously calls for me to document the day, but it’s also about finding a reflection of all the moments that have lead up to it. A wedding evokes memories of childhood, teenage growing pains and finally love at first sight. It’s a time to commemorate all the past chapters you’ve had as individuals, and to celebrate the new chapter you’re starting together as a couple. With all of these emotions, it takes a skilled photographer to capture them all in the most perfect way possible. It’s this ability to find and photograph the “story behind the story” that makes my images really stand out as unique.

My style of shooting is discreet and unobtrusive, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t feel at home in front of the camera. While I can absolutely take beautiful portrait shots to hang with pride of placement in your home, I also work hard to capture natural-looking pictures as your day unfolds, too. I am passionate about what I do, and live to create phenomenal photographs of your wedding for you to cherish forever.

Rahul Khona

Creative Asian Wedding Photographer

Rahul KhonaBeing a London-based wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of being a part of some amazing life stories. The art of telling these stories through photography is something I’m truly passionate about, along with creating stunning portraits of you both together on your wedding day. My photography is all about capturing emotion, fun and energy in my own distinctive style, and if you let me, I would be honoured to tell your story this way.

Client Testimonials

  • Rahul was an absolute pleasure to work with. His constant professionalism throughout the entire process was second to none. It is isn’t easy to capture all of the key events and traditions of a really big Turkish Cypriot wedding, especially if it was your first time at such a wedding however, Rahul managed it with no problem. His was extremely polite and made us both feel at ease in front of the camera which is really important. We would recommend Rahul to anyone who is interested in having a professional photograph taken not just for their wedding but for any occasion!
    West Sussex Wedding Photographer
    Hacer & Koray
  • With so much time, thought and effort gone into planning every detail of our wedding events, it was important for us to choose the perfect photographer to capture those special moments on the day. Rahul Khona did not disappoint.  It was his easy going yet fully professional approach that first attracted us to him and this remained consistent throughout.  Not only did Rahul elegantly document each part of every event without us even knowing, he also beautifully captured the emotions of our family and friends, which we would never have otherwise fully seen. We also had a lot of fun with the couple photos, feeding off Rahul’s enthusiasm and passion to get the perfect shots.  In particular, the ’1930′s throwback’ style photos made us feel like superstars! Rahul was also very accommodative to taking the group/posed shots as and when required.  Truly amazing photos, from the bottom of our hearts thank you!
    Jumeirah Carlton Wedding Photographer
    Sheenal & Andriy
  • We could not have even imagined how impressive some of the shots that you took for us would turn out and a true representation of your skill and vision for sure! We were equally impressed with how quickly our images and album have been done too and have had so much feedback from family on friends on your brilliant work.   An amazing professional, i would highly recommend your talent to all prospective couples looking for the right photographer any day and want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for being our wedding photographer and giving us some stunningly captured memories to keep for the rest of our lives.
    The Grove Watford Wedding Photographer
    Shree & Brij
  • Testimonial: We really cannot say enough positive comments about you so I will try and keep this short. You really captured the essence of our special day. Rahul quickly became part of the family and the celebration. Early on,  Rahul was quick to put us at ease in front of the camera and as well as being a fantastic photographer, he is obviously quite an athlete as not only did he manage to fully document our whole day throughout all the different stages without ever being obstructive, ( and that meant running between the different rooms where the wedding party were all getting ready), he also managed to capture the spirit of the day in the photos!To those who may have any slight doubts, we would happily reassure you that you are making a very good decision!
    Manor of Groves Wedding Photographer
    Vicky & Chris
  • We got recommended Rahul as a potential photographer for our Civil Wedding, Indian Wedding and Reception. We went to look at his work, we were shown photos from recent events as well as the end product in terms of a wedding album. We were drawn to the style of photography and the way that Rahul made each photo look effortless and natural. We went away thinking that Rahul is someone we could work with. We were also keen on his ability to design and print an album which would make it unique to us….. having see at least 10 before we got to Rahul! (so lets just say, he came out on top!)
    Moor Park Wedding Photographer
    Meera & Raj

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I am very passionate about how I photograph my weddings, and I capture the story behind the story. It’s a warm feeling to know that the images I capture for you today will one day rekindle in you the same emotions and smiles you experienced on your wedding day.

To get a sense of what I do, take a look at the short video diary, which gives you a glimpse into how I captured a pre-wedding shoot in Italy!

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