Hi there! I’m John, a Yorkshire wedding photographer based in Leeds but shooting weddings anywhere and everywhere, home and abroad! I’m all about fun-filled weddings and I love working with people who share my passion for life. If you’re planning some awesome celebrations for this most momentous of occasions I’d love to hear from you!

I get a buzz from making great portraits that’ll demand some wall space but get equally excited about capturing moments – all the joy and emotions that’ll be bubbling over and the little quirks and blink-and-you-miss-it moments that’ll add up to make your day unique and unforgettable. Two universal truths for me:

  1. i) weddings are all about people

Sure, if I get time I’ll do a dress shot in the morning. If you’ve put a ton of effort into making the room look awesome for the wedding breakfast you’ll want to remember what it looks like and I’ve got that covered for you…. but all that good stuff is kind of the sideshow to the main event for me. It’s the people who create the lasting memories so that’s where my main focus is. I’d rather give you one awesome photo of your bridesmaids doubled over in laughter when they catch your flowergirl playing with your chicken fillets than 15 different variations of a shoe shot!

  1. ii) at its core every wedding is a massive celebration

You are bringing together your nearest and dearest for one almighty bash to celebrate committing yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives. There may be cake. That’s a wedding in a nutshell for me and informs how I approach shooting them.

John Hope

Creative Wedding Photographer

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer based in Leeds.

Client Testimonials

John, I know I'm biased but I these are some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen. We LOVE them! We saw them before we went to sleep last night and it was lovely to confirm that the day seemed to have gone, not only as well as we thought it did, but much better! Beautiful pictures, better than my wildest dreams, thank you so, so much!
Danielle & Mat
O.M.G. We are speechless, these are out of this world. We couldn't be happier, thank you so much John, what a very talented man you are!
Nikki & Dave

It’s time to let the photos do the talking!

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Outside of weddings I love spending time with my amazing little family – my wife Helen and our beautiful little girls Carla and Cleo. We love to travel as much as we can and I always try to factor in a bit of diving when we’re away. I’m an obsessive music geek and a DJ of many years in my earlier life.  Generally speaking I really appreciate the good things in life. My family and friends mean the world to me so give me good company and great food & drink and I’m a happy boy!

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