I’m Miki Photography I specialise in relaxed, creative and stylish wedding photography. For me the key is for the most part to allow people to be themselves and enjoy the day, with natural smiles and laughter as it always makes for better photos.  As for the lighting and angles, leave that to me! For me my style is defined by three words:  ‘Love’ I’m trying to capture the essence of two people who love each other enough to say that they want to spend the rest of the lives together,   surrounded by all the people most important to them.

‘Fun’  – whether you’re a traditional, quirky, alternative, vintage or a rock n roll bride & groom, you should relax be yourselves, have fun, and just enjoy it – and then allow the pictures to reflect that.

Don’t worry I’ll be mostly blending into the day capturing it all as it all unfolds and only step in where we’ve agreed or if it’s really needed. ‘Style’ – I’ll always strive to make you both ‘look good’ especially in the parts of the day where I get to spend a few moments with you and hopefully produce some pictures you’ll be proud of and happy to show your friends.

Mick Shah

Creative Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer

I’m regularly posting content on all social media platforms and would love to hear from you.  Feel free to check the links out and make sure to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ to keep up to date.

Client Testimonials

  • Mick is a very likeable guy, an energetic and passionate photographer who will put effort into getting to know you so he can amazingly portray your wedding.   He has the skill a lot of photographers don't have; the ability to fit in and become a great guest at your wedding.
    Kelly & Tony
  • We were getting really fed up of seeing the "same old" boring wedding photos, so when we found Mick we loved his work instantly. It’s stylish fun, and original. Exactly what we'd been looking for! Mick has the ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.
    Katie & Scott
  • Mick is not only a fantastic, creative and an energetic photographer, but he is great to spend time with. He put my husband and I at ease from the start. He is very sure about how to achieve fabulous images & has an imaginative flair that will go far beyond ones expectations.
    Rebecca & Philip
  • We were sold the moment we saw his work. His pictures didn't just capture our day, but they captured, our family, our friends, our essence, I think one of the things that makes him so great, is that he is truly passionate about what he does, it shows, every time.
    Russell & Nana

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For me weddings are about people and all the connections and history entwined in all the relationships represented.  None more so than the bride and groom who are making one of the most amazing, mind boggling and awesome commitments to each other.  So I want my photography to capture that in creative and stylish way that will allow you in years to come to re-live the moments but also be proud of showing everyone, how in love you were and how amazing the day was.

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