Hello! I’m Sam, a wedding photographer in Bristol. I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for 4 years – before that I worked for the BBC for a decade, making documentaries across the world. I bring a huge range of knowledge and experience to my work and pride myself in both my story-telling abilities as well as my creative and unique approach to portraits. I work in a documentary style for the majority of the day, not interfering or posing but letting people be themselves and capturing them as they truly are.

I want couples to have the best day of their lives and I want to capture the whole thing for them, so they can relive it in the years to come. I travel throughout the country and love working in new spaces. I believe couples deserve to own their images and like to offer full resolution files as part of my package and I go out of my way to make life as easy as possible for my clients, giving them everything they could want both before and after the wedding day. If you’re after someone who will instantly put your guests at ease, who can blend into the background effortlessly to capture natural moments and who can give you a bunch of cool, creative portraits – then please get in touch.

Sam Gibson

Creative Wedding Photographer

Sam Gibson Weddings - Creavite Wedding PhotographerI love keeping in touch with couples via social media and often share news and updates of what I’m up to as well as showing highlights from recent shoots. You can follow me on facebook, twitter, google+ and instagram by clicking on the links below. Come and say hello!

Client Testimonials

  • “We love them! Just been crying and laughing and awing all the way through them, they are a fantastic memory of the day. We both agree we couldn't have picked a better person to tell the story of our day, you were fab and all our friends also mentioned how nice you were.  Our day was always going to be special but you have captured that feeling in images that will last, amazing!”
    Tunnels Beaches Wedding Photographer
    Nina and Chris
  • “Thank you so so much for sending over that photo of mum, she absolutely loved it. In fact there were tears, and my mum never cries! Neil and I can’t stop looking at the photos, we keep noticing something new all the time, like the clever way you’ve caught Kate and Hannah’s faces in the mirror when Dad and I are having a hug during the ‘dress’ moment. Love it!”
    Wedding Photographer Devon
    Charlotte and Neil
  • “Phil and I both LOVE the pictures. Thank you so much for capturing every single moment of our wedding day. We have received so many compliments from your pictures. I cannot look at the confetti picture without having a true belly laugh - amazing timing.”
    River Cottage Wedding Photographer - Sam Gibson Photography
    Charlotte and Phil
  • “We cannot overstate how wonderful Sam was to work with. He was both exactly where we needed him to be whenever we had questions (he's much better at weddings than we were!) and also absolutely invisible, perfectly capturing the mood of the day. So many people commented on how fantastic he was, and a couple of our guests even got in touch with him to say so. So many photographers seem to think that weddings should fit around the photography, Sam is NOT one of these. He documented the day perfectly, and when off taking photos with us, was relaxed and collaborative. The highest praise we can give is he produced the most beautiful photos, in the most professional way, whilst helping us to feel calm and relaxed throughout the whole day. Not forgetting of course that he is without doubt one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.”
    Wedding Photographer Bath
    Lucy and Tom

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I try and use various visual techniques in my images to make you feel a part of the story. I want my images to take you back to that very instant, even if you’re looking at them years later. So I use a lot of depth and foreground interest to make every viewer feel a part of what’s happening, as though you are there, looking in on the scene and experiencing it first hand. This approach also allows people to be themselves as they are often unaware what I’m taking a picture of, and so my images have an honesty and emotion to them that is hard to capture otherwise. This lets you enjoy your day without any hassle or interruption, but also means your pictures stand the test of time and are as powerful 10 years later as they are today.

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